We are hurting. Your job, your family’s health, childcare, your kid’s education and the economy are concerns we share. We wonder: when will things be normal again? In tough times, we need each other.

Working with the City, County, State and non-profits, Gerry will connect you and your neighbors to available resources.

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Gerry’s Top 6 Priorities


People are worried and concerned about their family’s health and financial stability. Two COVID-19 vaccines have received emergency approval from the Federal Drug Administration  and are being distributed to our citizens on a priority basis. Where we are in this process and how to get a vaccine is detailed on the Larimer County Health Department website  Until most of us are vaccinated, we must continue to wear masks, maintain social distance and not gather in large groups.

Gerry promises to work with the CSU President Dr. Joyce McConnell as students return for the spring semester, to ensure COVID-19 hotspots do not reappear are on campus, at sororities and fraternities and at student gatherings — especially off-campus parties. He will work with the County Commissioners and Larimer County Department of Health to encourage citizen compliance with COVID-19 mitigation measures.

Gerry will work with local, state and national leaders and organizations to have the vaccine distributed to all citizens with extra effort to reach hard-to-serve populations. He supports marshaling people power and data to ensure that hard to reach people receive the vaccine when eligible. This will entail going door-to-door to identify those who do not have access to the internet or are simply overwhelmed. The mayor and council, city manager and city staff should work with Poudre Fire Authority, Poudre and Thompson School districts, UCHealth, Larimer County Public Health and other organizations to achieve this goal.

Action Items

  • Keep citizens healthy by working with all government levels, nonprofits and private entities
  • Be transparent and provide health data in real-time
  • Overcome COVID-19 and get folks back to their pre-pandemic routines
  • Encourage all citizens to continue wearing masks, maintaining social distance and avoiding gatherings of large groups

Revitalize the Economy

Businesses — especially small businesses — are hurting. They are struggling to hold on and recover. Many have closed their doors.

Gerry will partner with our business community and primary employers to ensure they thrive so that we can all thrive.

Action Items

  • Empower small business to get employees back to work
  • Retain primary employers and encourage their growth
  • Build partnerships with CSU, school districts and business organizations to create more job opportunities
  • Complete I-25 expansion
  • Provide direct loans and grants
  • Modify regulations and policies to facilitate commerce
  • Support NoCo Recovers

Build Community – Make Living and Housing More Affordable

Working families are hurting and under pressure. They can not afford to live in Fort Collins.  Gerry will work to make affordable housing more available and the cost of living more reasonable for vulnerable families.

Action Items

  • Develop an affordable housing action plan to specify how yearly goals will be met with specific implementation steps
  • Facilitate affordable housing projects through the development review process
  • Provide affordable and reliable utilities
  • Provide low-cost internet to struggling families
  • Ensure that residential metro districts provide affordable housing units.
  • Expand affordable childcare
  • Build partnerships with diverse populations to provide opportunities
  • Provide a 365-day transit and transportation system
  • Work with nonprofits, businesses, foundations, governments and individuals to provide a day/night 24/7 homeless shelter that is inclusive
  • Connect low-income individuals and families with a city rebate, reduced utility rates, utility bill assistance, energy and water efficiency and reduced-rate recreation programs
  • Increased funding for nonprofits that provide gap funding to those who are struggling
  • Work with school districts to open schools and allow parents to get back to work

Protect Our Environment

The environment is hurting. Forest fires and climate change have harmed the air we breathe and the water we drink. Our community values the environment. Sadly, our health is threatened and our open spaces are burned. Gerry will be a good environmental steward. He will preserve and protect our outdoor space, air and water quality and provide a renewable energy future.

Action Items

  • Expand our trails, parks, natural areas and open spaces
  • Protect the Cache la Poudre River
  • Work with Platte River Power Authority to achieve 100% non-carbon electricity
  • Continue to implement the Climate Action Plan
  • Improve air and water quality through regional partnerships and actions

Spend Taxpayer Money Wisely

Taxpayers are hurting. When businesses closed due to the on-going pandemic, the City delayed making significant spending cuts. The 2021 budget has not matched spending with reduced citizen demand. As your mayor I will reduce wasteful spending and spend tax dollars wisely.

Action Items

  • Prioritize basic services and infrastructure
  • Reduce and eliminate non-priority programs
  • When revenues are reduced – cut spending immediately
  • Save for a rainy day
  • Maintain healthy reserves
  • Use conservative revenue projections

Broadband – Connexion

Gerry believes that broadband availability has been disappointing and that Connexion has not been transparent.  A change needs to happen as soon as the new council takes office.  He supports making information transparent so that you know when broadband is coming to your neighborhood, when you will be connected and what other neighborhoods have been connected.  He further supports the reduced rate council included in the 2021 budget for low income families.  This $20/month provides an incentive to connect to ensure that all children have internet access for their educational needs.

Gerry supports Connexion prioritizing low income neighborhoods.  Those families need the service first.  Children will be able to be on zoom and have access to homework assignments and internet trove of information.  Their parents and care takers job opportunities will expand.  Many jobs can now be accomplished using the internet.  Finally during the pandemic he proposed a nominal rate for qualifying families – $5/month.  This will encourage connection at a time that children sorely need to be connected to their friends and school.