What Gerry Accomplished While on the Fort Collins City Council

Gerry is the guy who gets stuff done — now — no matter how small or large the task. His proven track record of public service shows that he will be a Mayor for all people of Fort Collins.

Below is a list of his most notable accomplishments while serving on the Fort Collins City Council from April 2011 to today.

  1. Restored acres of the Cache La Poudre River corridor and led efforts to restore 100% of Colorado Lottery Funds to be dedicated for trails and open space use.
  2. Build out and expansion of the City trail system.
  3. Held twice monthly citizen listening sessions.
  4. Establishment of citizen liaison position for planning issues.
  5. Supported restoration of neighborhoods through support of student housing on campus and adjacent to CSU.
  6. Establishment of the City Council Futures Committee.
  7. Establishment of metrics (performance measures) for each of the budgeting for outcome areas.
  8. Required interviewing of all board and commission applicants.
  9. Expansion and upgrade of Transfort through implementation of the MAX project, redesign of system to east/west orientation and extending hours of service.
  10. Revitalization of Midtown through Foothills Mall redevelopment.
  11. Strengthening neighborhood notification and neighborhood meeting process for development projects.
  12. Supported Eastside/Westside Neighborhood Ordinance.
  13. Limiting Council’s use of executive sessions.
  14. Encouraging the purchase of water rights and increasing storage for drought protection.
  15. Encouraging children to ride Transfort by providing subsidized funding.
  16. Being the conscience of City Council.
  17. Encouraging development fees to reflect the true cost of growth and not force existing citizens to subsidy growth.
  18. Leading efforts to establish a citywide “safe routes to everywhere” program including sidewalk connections and bicycle lanes, especially in the older parts of town.
  19. Led efforts to maintain 18 holes of disc golf at EPIC.
  20. Stoplights at Powerline Trail crossing of arterials (Drake and Horsetooth) for safe bike and pedestrian crossing.
  21. Supported affordable housing projects including the Legacy Senior Housing Project and Redtail Ponds — a permanent support housing project for the homeless.
  22. Voted for the Woodward Project that provided primary jobs, redevelopment of an environmentally damaging golf course and restoration of 31 acres of the Cache La Poudre River.
  23. Establishment of regional planning and cooperation organizations (Highway 287 Coalition and I-25 Coalition).
  24. Supported and led efforts for regional planning and cooperation (North Front Range Transportation and Air Quality MPO, Larimer County Open Lands Advisory Board, Regional Air Quality Commission).
  25. Supported renovation of and additional funding for the Senior Center.
  26. Encouraged and led efforts for workforce diversity for police and fire organizations.
  27. Supported and voted for the ordinance dedicated to eliminating smoking in public places, including patios.
  28. Most fiscally conservative Council member.
  29. Working to reduce the number of billboards, especially the one next to the Cache La Poudre by the Mulberry Bridge.
  30. Working to align the advisory boards and commissions with the seven Budgeting for Outcome Areas.
  31. Supported “Road to Zero Waste” goals.
  32. Supported accelerating Green House Gas reduction goals and Climate Action Plan goals.
  33. Provided leadership on the Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) board to hire a progressive General Manager.
  34. Supported the diversification of Platte River Power Authority production portfolio by increasing renewables and distributed energy alternatives.
  35. Led efforts and voted for a PRPA strategic plan to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, especially coal.
  36. Led efforts and voted for a PRPA transmission line siting engagement policy with citizens and the four cities.
  37. Led efforts to establish a regional organization with the Tri Districts to treat water and utilize economies of scale while reducing cost and improving reliability.
  38. Responded to every citizen email, phone call or letter — thousands in total.
  39. Met with every citizen who wanted to discuss city issues.
  40. Worked with Dr. Tony Frank, Former President of CSU, to ensure all impacts of the then-new on-campus stadium were presented to the Board of Governors and mitigated.
  41. Worked with Dr. Frank to ensure CSU was a major part of solving the student housing issue.
  42. Worked with Dr. Frank to provide more safe connections to the CSU campus for pedestrians and bikes through underpasses/overpasses at Shields/Elizabeth and Prospect/Center.
  43. Led the effort for and voted to establish the Parking Advisory Commission to focus on Downtown and CSU neighborhood parking issues.
  44. Voted for banning cardboard in the waste stream.
  45. Voted for limiting plastic bags by requiring grocery stores to impose a charge per bag used.
  46. Supported the Cache La Poudre River Coordinator position and the funding for the initiatives to restore riparian habitat in the river.
  47. Supported and led efforts to fund the last segment of North College Avenue redevelopment.
  48. Successfully led efforts to ensure adequate city funding for the Poudre Fire Authority, according to a sustainable formula.
  49. Fort Collins Board of Realtors recognized Gerry Horak a “Housing Hero.”  (

About Gerry

  • Former Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem
  • CSU Alum
  • Business Builder
  • Life-Long Learner
  • Bridge Builder
  • Family Man — Husband, Father and Grandfather