Gerry Horak not only did the right thing, but did what was right for the organization and community while serving on our PFA Board. He is one of the few that sought input from the firefighters before making decisions as a Board Member with PFA… he always sought the 360 perspective when it came to obtaining facts.

Mike Gavin, IAEM Conference Chair, PFA Chief - Emergency Management
Poudre River Power Authority’s (PRPA) current successes at renewable energy are a direct result of Gerry’s previous work on the PRPA board.
Ross Cunniff, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Fort Collins
I have worked with Gerry while I sat on several boards including the Affordable Housing Board and CDBG. I have also presented before Council on a number of occasions and continually follow its activity. Through those connections, I have come witnessed Gerry’s, his communication skills, and manner in which he reviews each item carefully. His ability to consider each proposal and/or situation is through impressive reasoning. The foundation of his approach has always been the betterment of our community.
Kay Rios, PhD, Freelance Writer
Gerry, you have always worked hard and included us personally and the community to share any concerns, ideas and issues.  You have never turned away from facing anyone’s problems or concerns. Thank you for being a caring councilman.  We know you will be a great mayor for the City of Fort Collins as you continue to demonstrate your leadership and commitment to our residents.
Residents Representing Alta Vista, Andersonville and Buchingham Neighborhoods
I served with Gerry on the Boxelder Basin Stormwater Authority Board of Directors. I very much appreciated his leadership, including as President of the Board, shepherding the Authority through very challenging times. Gerry did an excellent job representing City interest and finding a path forward through collaboration, accountability and common sense.
Martina Wilkinson, PE, PTOE, Principal, Next Phase Engineering
We live in a neighborhood challenged by our proximity to CSU. Gerry is a strong advocate for neighborhoods.  He understands Fort Collins’ unique system and is able to get things done. We invite all to vote for him and to do anything possible to invite others to join us.
Bill & Donna Fairbank, Fort Collins Residents

I support Gerry Horak for Mayor because of his considerable experience with city policies and process, his commitment to the environment and his support of small business in Fort Collins. 

Glenn Haas, Ph.D., Fort Collins Resident

Gerry Horak deserves your vote.  He has worked hard on the partnership to expand I-25 in northern Colorado.  He was a leader in the coalition of local elected officials working with CDOT, including Larimer County, Berthoud, Johnstown, Loveland, Timnath, Weld County and Windsor. He has fought at the state legislature to keep local control.  He considers issues on their merits and not on politics.

Don Sandoval, Fort Collins Resident
For over 30 years Gerry Horak has been a steadfast steward of the public trust.  Always pragmatic, always fiscally responsible and now with age and wisdom, an ability to bring people together to create solid public policy for our community.
Dave Edwards, Former City Council Member, Community Volunteer
During my term as Mayor of Fort Collins, Gerry served as my Mayor Pro Tem and contributed his vast historical knowledge and community experiences as we then recovered from the devastating High Park Fire and subsequent spring flooding. As we recover from the devastation of 2020 – destroyed water shed, lost businesses, jobs and revenue, COVID – 2021 will require a leader who make similar hard, thoughtful decisions. Fort Collins must have an experienced leader with knowledge of our natural areas and watershed, and with the expertise in creating  a solid, strong financial foundation for our city government. Gerry has a clear understanding of what creates community and as your mayor can continue our legacy as a great city.
Karen Weitkunat, District 2 Council Member (1999-2007), Mayor (2011-2015)
When Gerry Horak was Mayor Pro Tem, he not only attended Neighborhood Meetings in District 1 (not the District he was elected to represent), but actually advocated for neighborhood safety. He is not afraid to confront City leaders when they fail to do what was promised, whether contractually or verbally. The accomplishments and awards listed on his website speak volumes about why I will be voting for him as Mayor in 2021. Gerry does more than just listen, he takes action.
Pamela Refvem, Neighborhood Leader
The Poudre River Whitewater Park would not exist without Gerry Horak. Gerry’s extensive City Council experience resulted in his ability to hold City staff accountable for building the park as originally agreed.  Gerry Horak really does get things done and he has the track record to prove it!
Tim O'Hara, Commercial Photographer, Community Volunteer
I’ve appreciated Gerry Horak’s understanding and support for the complex issues confronting neighborhoods during his long public service to Fort Collins. As mayor, he would bring this understanding to bear on the many issues facing Fort Collins and provide continuing support to neighborhoods.  Join me in supporting Gerry Horak for mayor of Fort Collins.
Lloyd Walker, Fort Collins Resident
Thanks Gerry!  I want to thank you for your support in helping me and my neighbors navigate the city’s departments to get a resolution to an unfinished project that borders Shields Street. Your help was much appreciated.
Kevin Caffrey, Fort Collins Resident

Gerry Horak is a longtime supporter of the Coats and Boots effort which supplies winter outerwear to our disadvantaged children in Fort Collins. He cares deeply for the welfare of our youth; his care extends to all. He works tirelessly to make Fort Collins a better community. Gerry also works collaboratively to improve our environment as a whole and is fiscally responsible.  He will not disappoint.

Jeannie Craft, Fort Collins Resident

Gerry is the sole, announced candidate capable of holding City staff accountable so Fort Collins is being led by those we elected, not those who were hired.  While the other two candidates are good people, one doesn’t start in city government at the mayoral level.  

Kate Forgach, Fort Collins Resident