Gerry has resided in the northwest district of Fort Collins (District 6) for more than 40 years and has been elected six times to represent his neighbors on the city council. He has served the people of Fort Collins in numerous political roles since 1981 and is excited to be running for mayor in the April 2021 election.  He understands the economics of decisions, approaching issues with knowledge, imagination and heartfelt empathy.

Simply put, Gerry loves our city. It’s the place he raised his children and is now enjoying his grandchildren. His goal is to help others and make Fort Collins a place that people want to live, work and play. To achieve this goal in these uncertain times, he plans to provide balanced and proven leadership to the city council that will enable us to work together for the benefit of all Fort Collins citizens.

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Gerry Horak for Fort Collins




Gerry’s Stance on the Issues

My story is a lot like many of your stories. I moved here in 1977 with my wife and baby son. I was 27. 
For 21 of 43 intervening years, serving the residents of northwest Fort Collins as their city council representative has been an honor.  

During that time, we have worked to make the City a better place and build a community where our children and grandchildren will want to live, work, play and grow their families. 

I’m excited and honored to be running for Mayor of Fort Collins.  

Since the pandemic started, I have been listening to the community.  

The City needs strong, principled, pragmatic, progressive leadership…  

…and I need your help to make sure this happens. I ask for your support, donation and vote. 

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